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Designed for Ages 4-7
Daycare, Pre-Schools, Elementary Schools, Home School Groups & Summer Camps

Perfect for: Daycare, Pre-Schools, Elementary Schools, Home Schools & Summer Camps

Tired of trying to teach your children good manners?
Studies have shown that children seem to be more receptive to etiquette instruction
when it come from a non-parental individual.

Each class is designed to be taught in five days for 1 hour each day
Add 30 minutes and have a Graduation Tea Party on Day 5
Add a Fun Dance with an additional 30 or 60 minutes per day. Pricing varies on individual group basis and is based on size of class & chosen format. Book all 3 classes for your school year and receive greater discounts.

Class #1 Social Skills

“Say Please, Say Thank You”
A hands-on approach designed to build children’s self–esteem and increase confidence in social situations.  Program includes the following topics: Greetings and Goodbyes, Handshaking, Including Others, Helping Others, plus Other Kind Things We Say and Do. 



Class # 2 Communication Skills

“How to Say it Best”
An interactive, hands-on program designed to increase young children’s confidence and boost their communication skills.  Program includes: Telephone Manners, Sharing of Ideas, Answering Questions, School Etiquette, & What Your Face and Body Say Even When You Are Not Speaking.


Class #3-Dining Skills

“Pass the Peas Please”
Help make mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone! This program uses activities & games to teach appropriate behavior at the table. Children learn how to set the table & how to hold utensils.  
Participants receive worksheets for additional practice at home.

Add Dance for Extra Fun

We teach simple party and line dances to very young children. Dances are chosen to be fun & educational. Some may use simple counting, teach music appreciation and
ballroom components like “line of dance” and leading & following.

Dances can be taught by themselves without the etiquette component and are a great project during in-service days
physical education classes and after-school programs.

Combine 30 or 60 minutes of dance with one of the programs listed above,
And you have a perfect week-long children’s cotillion class at your school.
These programs work extremely well for day-care, pre-schools, and camps.

Finish with a Party to Celebrate

The final day of class is a great day to celebrate with classmates, teachers, & parents.
Children dress up and demonstrate what they have learned during the week of preparation.
Add Music Punch & Cookies for a great ending to a perfect week of fun & instruction.


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