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Incorporating Dance & Etiquette Into your school, church, or business


Dance & Etiquette In Schools


Dance Moves & Manners will work with your school to help design classes to suit your needs & interests
Programs for children and teens—--age 4 to 18.

We focus upon skills to students succeed in the classroom, at home, on the job, with peers--in short, in life.

These highly interactive, informative programs include role playing activities and instructive materials.

Classes can be developed to meet the needs of a school or organization.

We Offer Short or Long Programs
Host a One Hour Program or Ongoing Classes—Manners, Dance, or a Combination of Both

Ballroom Dance in Schools—Why Learn Dance? Its Fun! And…

Dance Teaches:

  • Teamwork & Discipline
  • Music History & Appreciation
  • Respect for Partners
  • Leadership & Following
  • Poise, Trust, & Self Confidence

Sussex Academy of Arts and Science
“Moving Up Luncheon”

The Benefits of Dancing:

  • Great Exercise
  • Low Impact & Aerobic
  • Aids Balance
  • Stress Reliever
  • Improved Social Life
  • Sense of Achievement & Pride

Delmarva Christian High School Royal Ball

Classes Officered:

  • Triple Swing, Single Step Swing,
    Fox Trot, Tango, Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha, Merengue, Samba & More
  • Mixer & Line Dances
  • Dance Etiquette








Practice Session
8th Grade Students at Sussex Academy of Arts and Science



Why Host a Manners Program for Your School and Community?

According to a 2002 survey by The Public Agenda:

  • 79% of American adults think the lack of courtesy and respect is a serious national problem

From a national survey sponsored by Parents

  • Magazine & HIT Entertainment
  • 95% of parents said manners have declined from when they were growing up
  • Two-thirds of those polled were “very” or “extremely” concerned
  • 98% believed that the earlier you start teaching the better
  • 66% blame parent’s lack of time with their children

Parents had some concern for table manners but were more concerned
that children learn:

To Show Respect——Be Considerate——Practice Good Personal Hygiene—–Develop Good Conversation Skills

Dance Moves & Manners will work with you to build a program around the topics that you find most important

Communication Skills

Knowing the tools for effective communication builds self esteem and leadership ability

The program includes such topics as:

Proper Greetings and Introductions



Nonverbal Communication

Public Speaking

Telephone Etiquette

Acts of Kindness and Respect

Communication in School

The Use of Please, Thank You,

Excuse Me

Thank You Notes

Meeting Persons with Disabilities


Electronic Etiquette

Social Etiquette

Knowing how to greet someone, look them in the eye & offer a proper handshake is essential

The program includes such topics as:

Welcoming Behaviors

Eye Contact

Shaking Hands

Introducing Yourself

Responding When Introduced

Introducing Others

Showing Proper Respect

Common Courtesies

Helping Behaviors

Avoiding Rude Behaviors

Behavior for Public Places

Using Escalators, Elevators, & Doors

Behaving as a Good Host & Guest

Table Manners

It is important for children to learn dining skills so they can be comfortable in any dining situation, whether home or away

The program includes such topics as:

Place Settings

Identifying Utensils & Glassware

Proper Use of Napkins

Common and Less Common Utensils

Selecting the Correct Utensils

Menu-based Place settings

Styles of Dining: American, Continental,

Various Foods: Bread, Soup, Dessert

Difficult to Eat Foods

Behavior at the Table

Entering and Exiting

Seating a Girl or Woman

Posture and Conversation

Click on “Programs For the Very Young” to see Information for Ages 4-7


Testimonials & More Great Photos

"Mrs. Cimone with her "Dance, Moves, & Manners" partners have provided a marvelous experience with our student here at Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences. This opportunity is viewed by our students and parents as capping off our eighth grade year with grace and style."

Dr. Patricia S. Oliphant,
Executive Director - Sussex Academy of Arts and Science.
Delmarva Christian High School
Royal Ball

Dancing is a fun way for teenagers to get much needed exercise. Dancing helps build social skills in a non-threatening environment. Our students really enjoyed the classes.

Ms. Carolyn O’Neal
Instructor, Sussex Tech HS




Sussex Tech




Southern Delaware School of the Arts





Yvonne at
Sussex Tech


Sussex Academy
Of Arts and Science







As a parent volunteer in the school, I have seen first hand the rewards of teaching children ballroom dance. Of course there are the obvious benefits of increased physical activity. But in more subtle ways, dance builds a child’s confidence and self esteem. It’s wonderful to see the students interacting with one another in such a positive way.

-Denise T. Kates






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